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ProductionsDe Saule et de Rotin

Wickerwork De Saule et de Rotin

Artisan website :: De Saule et de Rotin


  • JavaScriptIcon JavaScriptJavaScript
  • HTML 5Icon HTML 5HTML 5
  • CSS 3Icon CSS 3CSS 3
  • PHP 8Icon PHP 8PHP 8
  • Adobe IllustratorIcon Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator
  • Adobe PhotoshopIcon Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop

Volunteering project

Reusability of code

For an artisan in Province de Luxembourg, this project is a rebuilt and redesign of each part of her visual communication. The logo reminds craftwork and handmade creations, and the website is made with my personnal templates.

For example the JavaScript program for the gallery is the same of La Dame Noire’s website. It’s fluid and fits perfectly on every size of screens. For 'xs' screens – approximately below 580 px – pictures are simply deployed vertically on the page.

Presentation of activities by Myriam De Saule et de Rotin
Presentation page
Wickerwork by de saule et de rotin with linked pictures
Wickerworking page
View of gallery of pictures with description
Pictures gallery
Description page official certification artwork with label
Cerufied artwork page
View of mobile version of menu
Menu on mobile
Web development resources
La Dame Noire’s artistic universe