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European parliament’s art collection

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External project from Europarl Galaxy

The mission

Between 2011 and 2013 I worked on European Parliament’s new website. And at this time every single line of source code must been writen by our own. We had to develop our own librairies and our own Front-End templates without any traditional framework.

An interactive gallery suitable with or without JavaScript

In pairs with my colleague we developed an interactive gallery to display all European Parliament’s masterpieces stored in an XML file. This page offers a slideshow sorted by artists or by countries and displays the title, the name, the origine and some details as tools or sizes.

Thanks to the XLST Templating principles the gallery was also suitable for browsers that don’t allow JavaScript. Also, using a XML file was the only way to store and provide data quickly because no relational database could be associated with PHP – a matter of security.

This page respects the very strict norms of accessibility for every user who needs material assistance – such as screen readers, keyboard accessibility, etc. – to use a application. Europe represents 550 millions of citizens. As the rest of the website this gallery was available in the 22 offcial european langages.

Main page of the Art Collection with pictures gallery
Pictures Gallery page
FAQ page about the European Parliament's Art Collection
FAQ page
Citizens’ initiative in the European Parliament

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