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Thank you to read these Terms of use, Privacy policy and Information related to the Cookies before using the website elodiebayet.com.

• • • This current document applies to the using of the website elodiebayet.com – here called “Website” – by any users. If a link, on this Website takes you to another website, another webapp’ or any social network, you should refer to the general terms of use of these services.

• • • These current Terms of use, Privacy policy and Information related to the cookies are under the Belgian laws. Only the Belgian Courts have authority.

• • • This current document has been written by Elodie Bayet – here called the “Owner” –, educated in Law while her studies at Saint-Luc’s High School of Arts in Liège, and to the Belgian Legislation in IT while her studies at Saint-Laurent’s Institute in Liège.

• • • By continuing to use this Website, you agree to the Terms of use, Privacy policy and Information related to the Cookies. If you don’t agree with these conditions, the Owner ask you to stop using the website.


Title 1rst :: Terms of use

Article 1rst : Legal notice and application field

§ 1 – Identification

The Website is developed, managed and edited by Elodie Myriam R. R. G. Bayet as a Fullstack Web Developer and UI/UX Designer, and living in Ans B-4430, Wallonia, Belgium.

The Owner is a natural person who isn’t recorded as a Company in the Belgian Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises. In this way, the Owner hasn’t any economic activity within or without this Website.

The Owner is an Belgian author recorded in Sofam under the number 72/55 since june 2007.

§ 2 – Technological information

The Website, its source code, its database, and its content are hosted by OVH located 2 rue Kellermann 59100 in Roubaix, France, on a shared server of the Data Center B-59820 Gravelines, Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie in France. This server is recorded as a private hosting plan by the Owner.

§ 3 – Description and Website object

The Website is only dedicated to the Owner’s works and her professional experiences. It doesn’t allow you to publish any content. It doesn’t display any advertising content and doesn’t use any financial system. There’s no way to ask you any paiement for using this Website.

§ 4 – Contact method

To repport any abuse, please send an email at provide the informations below :

• • • the URI of the problematic page ;

• • • a screenshot of the problematic content ;

• • • the reason of your deletion request ;

• • • a clear mention of your firstname, your lastname and your e-mail address

For more informations or any comments, thank you to contact the Owner by the Contact form

Article 2nd : Security and responsibilities

§ 1 – Website operation

The Owner undertakes to set a high degree of security in the operations of this Website :

• • • The server and the database are protected by a double authentification system – encrypted passwords and private code response – encrypted password and personal code response – and their management is carried out exclusively by secure protocols – SFTP and HTTPS.

• • • The message services provided by the server are protected by an individual authentification system.

• • • The SSL certificate delivred by OVH cf. Title 1rst, Article 1rst, § 2.– allows connexions by the secure protocole HTTPS.

However, no system ensure absolute and flawless security. In this way and despite all efforts given, the Owner cannot be responsible for any damage if the server is the subject of an attack, nor responsible of any damage issued by using the Website internal or external links.

§ 2 – Integrity of content

The Owner gives attention to keep updated, precise and exact any informations displayed on the Website (descriptions, pictures, etc), but can’t be responsible for any mistake.

§ 3 – Website use

The Website must be used with secure protocol HTTPS only. You’re not allowed to use the Website by any elses protocoles.

The Website object is “only dedicated to the Owner’s works and her professional experiences” cf. Title 1rst, Article 1rst, § 3 – you keep the right to not use the contact form. If you decided to, you accept to give the information below :

• • • Your lastname ;

• • • your firstname ;

• • • your e-mail addess ;

• • • your civil title.

If you don’t agree with these conditions, the Owner ask you to not use the contact form. See the Title 2nd to know more about the Privacy policy related to the use of the contact form.

Article 3rd : Intellectual property

§ 1 – Restrictions

The Website and its content (texts, photos, pictures, infographics, drawings, user interface elements, logos, CSS, JavaScript) are under the intellectual property of the Owner. Using this Website doesn’t allow you to exploit any piece of content. Reproduction, public communication, partial or entire of this Website or its content are strictly prohibited without an official and written authorization by the Owner.

Title 2nd :: Privacy policy

Article 1rst : Collecting personal informations

§ 1 – Situation

Personal informations may be collected when you contact the Owner by the contact form. The informations collected allows you to be identified directly. The Owner respects the confidentiality of all data that you transmit through this form.

§ 2 – Types of data

By using the contact form on this Website, you accept to give the informations below :

• • • the informations that you type by yourself like your lastname, your firstname, your e-mail address, your civil title. No additional information is requestedd ;

• • • the informations provided with e-mail exchanging systems ;

• • • the Metadata related to your e-mail address.

If you don't agree this conditions, please don’t use the contact from.

§ 3 – Duration

The informations sended with the contact form are stored in the Owner’s mail box for maximum 6 months after the last exchange.

Article 2nd : Collecting non-personal informations

§ 1 – Situation

Non-personal informations are automatically collected in respect of your anonymity. No link is established with your personal data.

This collection is processing while you use the Website. The pages targeted are available by any URI that started with ”https://www.elodiebayet.com” or “https://demo.elodiebayet.com”.

§ 2 – Types of data

The informations collected are the followings :

• • • the search engin may used to reach the Website ;

• • • the laguage chosen ;

• • • the website may used to reach this Website ;

• • • the pages viewed ;

• • • the duration of each page viewed ;

• • • the files downloaded ;

• • • the access hour ;

• • • the browser used ;

• • • the operating system or plateform used ;

• • • the type of device used ;

• • • the region where Website is viewed from.

If you don't agree this conditions, please don’t use the Website.

Article 3e : Use of collected informations

§ 1 – Protection

Your personal data are protected in complying :

• • • to the European regulation 2016/679 from the European Parliament and European Concil of April the 27th, 2016 – applied in May the 25th, 2018 – related to protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (RGPD).&nsbp;;

• • • to the law of July the 30th, 2018 related the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

§ 2 – Contact data

The personal informations related by the use of the contact form cf. Title 2nd, Article 1rst, § 2 – are collected :

• • • to allow the Owner to write you in a polite and respectful way ;

• • • to answer to any question by e-mail ;

• • • to treat any demand by e-mail.

The Owner is the only individual person allowed to access and use your personal informations by e-mail. All communications between the Owner and an user are carried out in a strictly private context.

In this way, there is no third-party using, nor selling, nor disclosure or else that may affect the protection of data on individuals.

§ 3 – Statistic data

The non-personal informations related to the use of this Website cf. Title 2nd, Article 2nd, § 2 – are collected to :

• • • count the traffic frequency ;

• • • establish navigation statistics ;

• • • improve content, readability and accessibility ;

• • • identify mistakes and correct dysfunction issued from the device and/or system used ;

This data is exploited in a completely anonymous way. No personal information, neither your IP address, is used in those repports. And thus, there’s no link with any personal information.

§ 4 – Statistic reporting Servic

The service used for statistic reporting is Google Analytics 4. This tool is configured to avoid any third-party access to data and avoid any association with personal information.

The Google Analytics 4 system is limited to :

• • • produce anonymous statistical data ;

• • • measure the Website audience (performance, identify technical problems, enhance technical and ergonomic performance, compute system power requirement, analyse the content viewed), for the exclusive and private Owner’s Account.

In this way, Google Analytics 4 system doesn’t allow to :

• • • watch the global navigation by Users on other websites or webapps with the same browser ;

• • • merge data with any else treatments, or to give third-party access to the data.

Title 3rd :: Related to the Cookies

Article 1rst : Functional Cookies

§ 1 – Distinction

Functional Cookies relate to the technical aspect of the Website. There are necessary for a correct operation service and they don’t need your – a priori – agreement.

These functional Cookies include 3 cookies used for statistic reporting – Title 2nd, Article 3rd, § 4 – and required for quality analysis of the Website.

§ 2 – Identification

Here is the list and the description of each functional Cookie used on the Website :

• • • aerial_set limited to 24 hours, generated by the the Owner’s PHP Application, and used to store the language selection. It’s also limited to same-domaine use through http request, and only if this protocol is secured – https. It’s used when any error – forbidden, not found, or unbuilt – occurs to provide content in appropriate langage ;

• • • _ga<*> limited to 3 months and used to make session state persisting ;

• • • _gid limited to 24 hours and used to dictinct each use of Website on short term ;

• • • _ga limited to 3 months, used to dictinct each use of Website on long term and rank the visit as a new or an usual.

Article 2nd : Advertising Cookies

§ 1 – No use

The Website doesn’t display any advertising and doesn’t use any third-party Marketing service. Thus, there is no advertising cookies used on this Website, and no cookies that required your agreement or configuration.