Elodie Bayet :: Fullstack Web Developer & UI/UX Designer



Philosophy & Job Titles

In a permanent learning and improving through relevant approaches : searching for optimization and high-performance, technological introspection, and desire to reach a significant quality. For those, I’m very grateful to each professional who enriched my experiences.

Graphic Designer

Experiences : 7

UI/UX Designer

Experiences : 5

Web Master

Experiences : 2

Web Developer

Experiences : 2

Front-End Developer

Experiences : 2

Back-End Developer

Experiences : 1

Fullstack Developer

Experiences : 2


Experiences : 1

Teacher in ICT

Experiences : 1

Teacher in Web Development

Experiences : 1


Skills & Certifications

Adobe Illustrator Logo

Certification :saint-luc.be -

Adobe IllustratorAvailable Projects : 7

Adobe InDesign Logo

Certification :saint-luc.be -

Adobe InDesignAvailable Projects : 3

Adobe Photoshop Logo

Certification :saint-luc.be -

Adobe PhotoshopAvailable Projects : 8

CSS 3 Logo

Certification :isl.be -

CSS 3Available Projects : 4

Google Analytics / Search Console Logo

Google Analytics / Search ConsoleAvailable Projects : 0

HTML 5 Logo

Certification :isl.be -

HTML 5Available Projects : 4

JavaScript Logo

Certification :isl.be -

JavaScriptAvailable Projects : 2

JSon Logo

JSonAvailable Projects : 0

Microsoft Access Logo

Microsoft AccessAvailable Projects : 0

Microsoft Excel Logo

Microsoft ExcelAvailable Projects : 0

Microsoft Word Logo

Microsoft WordAvailable Projects : 0

MySQL Logo

Certification :isl.be -

MySQLAvailable Projects : 1

NPM Logo

NPMAvailable Projects : 0

PHP 8 Logo

Certification :isl.be -

PHP 8Available Projects : 2

SQL Logo

Certification :isl.be -

SQLAvailable Projects : 1

XML Logo

Certification :isl.be -

XMLAvailable Projects : 3


Hobbies & Interests

Guitar and music

Self-taught and passionnate since 2001 and mainly on electric models, those provide very sustained sounds and can go over of the equal temperament which are builded for. Actually if I have to choose a classical instrument it could be the violin or the cello.

My interpretations are usually transcriptions of eminent compositions from classical, romantic, and – sometimes – baroque or modern. Or else, I play some partitions from subgenres in Heavy Metal as Black, Progressive or Thrash.

And about my own compositions, they are some twenty partitions started but no one is realy completed – and will probably never been so !

Science and technology

Science is to satisfy my desire of knowledges advancement and my curiosity. My favorit domains are those related to physics, chemistry or astrophysics ; Those which relates to the operating principles of a system and the explanation of phenomena. And this coincides precisely with some fundamental values that I defend : namely logical, rational reasoning based on quantifiable and measurable facts.

IT is to join my technological watch and to continue on my skills enhancement. My studies in Web Master was useful to get basic knowledges but since then I wanted to improve on this field and master web development throughout. In this way, I keep an informed look at my areas of expertise and adapt myself accordingly.

Urban and landscape photography

Those subjects are mainly extracted from my travels : some lost spaces, original areas and other urban curiosities. Axolot's “Étranges escales” series is a good illustration of what subjects I usually search for my shots. In some else cases, my pictures will play with lines of perspective, and show improbable angles of view. Which will suggest vertigo, airiness, gigantism, fleeing, etc.