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De Saule et de Rotin


Webdevelopment & Graphic Design

The logo and the website were realized 10 years ago. The client is none other than my mother and I was - at that time - student in Webmaster at ISL. So it was more than time to refresh the visual and - in particular - to adapt the website to the new technologies.


Design Logo

Logo of De Saule et de Rotin
Logo for De Saule et de Rotin

Logo 'De Saule et de Rotin'

This logo that evokes the handcraft and the manual aspect of Myriam Hemroulle's work, wickerworker.

A style far from traditional 'corporate' aspects, and whose graphics allow some engraving on wood and tin. Some 'Goodies' usually provided with the purchase of a basket or more.

New design of the website

Page d'index
Preview of the page Myriam - Home

Website Vannerie.Be

Like every site I've developed, the website complies with W3C standards for its own HTML and CSS.

Respect w3C norms

A site that has also been developed manually. It's fully coded 'by hand' and with the languages PHP and JavaScript.

New gallery

Development of a new interactive gallery

I developed this gallery for my artistic site La-Dame-Noire.Com so I decided to integrate it on her site. The gallery is fluid and adapts to different formats of screens. For the 'xs' screens - less than about 580 px - the photos are simply displayed vertically on the page.

Page of creations from websites
Preview of the page Vanneries.
Gallery of website
Preview of the gallery Les vanneries

Web Responsive Design

On smartphones and tablets

The site is - of course - compatible for mobile devices and therefore fully Web Responsive. And it was initially developed for this purpose. Since today, tablets, smartphones or "hybrid" models, constitute more than 50% of devices with which users connect and surf the Internet. It is therefore more than important to have a website whose design and navigation are perfectly optimized for reduced screens.

Web Responsive

Aperçu des versions mobiles

XS size of the website
Preview of a page on 'xs' size
SM size of the website
Preview of a page on 'sm' size

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