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La Dame Noire, Black Designer


Webdevelopment & Graphic Design

It's a personnal and artistic version of my activity as a Graphic Designer. It contains darwings, illustrations, handcrafts opus, graphic try-out, in a 'underground' way. La Dame Noire groups all creations made in my freetime and under personal ideas. This creations will probably target another public. You can find them at La-Dame-Noire.Com.


Logo preview

Logo for La Dame Noire
Logo for La Dame Noire - 'Spray Can Head' version

Logo Design

Conception of 2 Logos

With a totally different look from current mine (Elodie Bayet : Graphic Author), this logo gives a litle preview of an obscur concept of creations. The second is a evolved version that I like much. It includes a spray cans like Montana 94 transfigured into a skull. I start slowly some graffiti pieces but especially for the customization of any musical instruments, snowboards or skateboards.

Website explanation

Preview of Index page - Language selection

The website for La-Dame-Noire.Com

The very first page shows a graphic preview of my artworks with a master piece under the logo. This page can give the way to the website in the favourite language of the user : french or english

After that, we arrive in the home page where every piece of creations available on the website are sorted by recent dates. That offers a quick access to the very last subject posted. The meuu on the left - or on the top if you are on mobile device - lists all categories on the website with their own shortcuts to the last topic : Expression, Graphic Design, Artwork and Motion design. And then we can find the classical pages About and Contact

When we are inside a category we can also find all its own topics sorted by recent date. And after the selection, we discover a page with explanations, details and a pop-up gallery to see every creation. A quick view on the menu shows us the 'bypass system' what can gives a 'one click' navigation to the previous or the next topic. A litle module of this 'Bypass system' offers the same advantages.

Website preview

Preview of Home page - All creations sorted by recent date.
Preview of About page - Information

Page coding

Web Development and web programming

The website has been developped without any Frameworks or CMS. I mean it's entirely developped by hand. Every line of HTML or CSS, every program and every function in JS or PHP has been typed. A knowledge I got at Saint-Laurent Shool and increase throughout my past profesionnal experiences.

This method of development provides very light pages, avoid sources in different servers and building speed and precise functions. But what I prefer is the very personnal and original design that gives.

The website also passed the validating system required by W3C about HTML and CSS documents.

Respect of the W3C conditions


Page preview

Preview of a page in 'Artwork' : Guitar Custom
Preview of a page in 'Expression' : Fire Staff


On smartphone, “hybrids” and Pad

It is - of course - fully Web responsive and so suitable for any device from mobile to desktop and. It has been developped in that way because tablets and smartphones are more than 50% of devices used to surf on web today. It's so important to get a website with an appropriate design and a perfect navigating system.

Web Responsive


Mobile préview

Preview of the menu on smartphone - 414 x 736 px
Preview of a page on smartphone - 360 x 640 px


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